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Offering no-fee transactions for a limited time to support the restaurant community during COVID
Offering no-fee transactions for a limited time to support the restaurant community during COVID

How Chefmark Works

Chefmark is an online marketplace that eliminates the hassle of buying and selling pre-owned food service equipment


List Equipment

List your equipment on Chefmark for free. The Chefmark team will then review the listing and enhance it with any additional detail before posting it on the site to share with our buyer community


Search Inventory

Browse our listings to find quality equipment without the sticker shock prices. You can search by category, manufacturer, geography, etc. If you need help or have a list of equipment needs, reach out to us for further assistance


Make an Offer / Request to Purchase

When you find your equipment, you can reserve the product. We then reach out to the seller to confirm the sale. We authorize payment on your card when you reserve, but you’ll only be charged if the seller confirms the sale within 24 hours of your request


Seller Confirmation

When a buyer requests to purchase your equipment, you will receive a notification. You will have 24 hours to confirm the purchase, otherwise the transaction will cancel


Schedule Delivery and Service Times

When you checkout you can select any services you need – delivery, installation, etc. After you buy your equipment, you can schedule the requested services through our system. Quality verification and warranty coverage is available through Chefmark in addition to any existing warranty coverage.


Confirm Purchase

After your item is delivered the purchase is confirmed and payment is released to the seller. If you have any issue with your purchase, submit a dispute request. Chefmark supervises the payment process and will step in to mediate

Payment Protections

Payment is made by the buyer at the start of the transaction and released to the seller after the equipment is delivered. We partner with Stripe to process all payments and keep your information secure. Chefmark’s customer service team is available to mediate any payment disputes.

Quality Verification

Chefmark is available to provide quality checks and warranty coverage if not already offered by the seller. The quality check and 30-day parts and labor warranty can be purchased for any piece of equipment for peace of mind.

Still got questions?

No problem. Head over to our FAQ for more info

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