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Offering no-fee transactions for a limited time to support the restaurant community during COVID
Offering no-fee transactions for a limited time to support the restaurant community during COVID


You can use Chefmark to connect with buyers and sellers nationwide with shipping also available nationwide. Our services for quality verification and installation are currently only available in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City markets.

We are actively expanding our service region – let us know if you are interested in seeing Chefmark’s services in your market!

Chefmark is the only online marketplace dedicated to quality pre-owned foodservice equipment. We help buyers and sellers connect and transact. Buyers can use Chefmark to quickly find and save on quality equipment, and sellers can use Chefmark as a platform to reach a broad community of buyers.

Buying and selling pre-owned foodservice equipment shouldn’t be a hassle. Chefmark can help you with pick up and delivery, installation, and quality verification.

All sales on Chefmark are final. However, if you have an issue with equipment you purchased and it is covered under Chefmark’s warranty, you can file a claim through Chefmark here, and we will handle repairs or replacement. If the equipment purchased was misrepresented in the listing (i.e., description did not match the equipment received), buyers may request a return or partial refund. Please contact us at if you need any help.

For items weighing over 70lbs: Chefmark works with a variety of trusted shipping partners to quickly deliver items at reasonable rates. During checkout we charge an estimated shipping cost based on similar transactions. Chefmark then arranges shipping through our partners to ensure you get the best rate possible. Any difference between our estimated charge and the actual charge is returned to the buyer. 

For items under 70lbs: Chefmark will arrange shipping through our retail shipping partners, typically UPS or FEDEX. A label will be provided to the seller who is responsible for packaging and sending the item to the buyer via mail. Chefmark closely monitors this process to ensure a seamless process for both buyer and seller.