Cleveland SGL30T1 30 gal. Tilt Skillet

The Cleveland SGL30T1NG Power Pan™ tilting skillet cooks up to 30 gallons of products and can be easily emptied with its tilting design. The cooking surface is made of bead-blasted stainless steel that prevents food from sticking and offers consistent heat distribution. Its stainless steel exterior and mild steel bottom are resistant to the minor damage that comes with regular commercial use. There are markings in both gallons and liters to easily measure products. Its open base design facilitates maintenance and cleaning.

The Cleveland SGL30T1NG Power Pan tilting skillet uses natural gas to produce heat. It has a dual-power design that allows operation at 90,000 or 125,000 BTU. The higher setting quickly heats up and recovers hot temperatures, and the lower setting saves energy when full power is not needed. Electronic ignition begins operation with a simple spark. Temperatures from 100-450 degrees Fahrenheit are precisely set with the electronic thermostat. Tilting the pan is simple since there is an easy-to-turn, manual handle. It can be tilted up to 10 degrees during operation to facilitate tilted cooking. The controls are splash resistant, preventing damage from spills.

Equipment Type: Cooking Equipment
Manufacturer: Cleveland
Model: SGL30T1
Listing created Mar 4, 2020