CARPIGIANI Batch Freezer Counter Model, LB-100B - 208v, USED

The Perfect Solution for Chefs and Small Operations!

This compact batch freezer offers the same quality and durability of our larger models, while fitting on your counter. In a matter of minutes, you can create the finest gelato, ice cream, sorbets, and much more! Chefs, fine restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops across the nation choose Carpigiani, maker of the finest batch freezers in the world.

Features Include:
* Electronic consistency control offers semi-automatic operation
* Heavy duty drive system results in a firmer product and longer machine life
* Cylinder design provides faster production and smoother product
* Auger design provides maximized extraction, minimizing flavor overlap
* Adjustable timer alerts you when product is ready
Cleans and sanitizes in minutes

Equipment Type: Refrigeration & Ice
Manufacturer: Carpigiani
Model: LB-100B
Serial Number: IC856I6
Listing created Mar 3, 2020