Cleveland 12 Gal Kettle

With a 12-gallon capacity, the Cleveland KGT12T tabletop tilting kettle can be used for cooking batches of pasta, rice, soup, and stew, while operation requires less effort and experience than a range because it uses steam to cook. Steam in the unit is self-contained, meaning water is added to the jacket—the hollow space between the interior and exterior kettle body—so it does not need a water connection. When burners heat the water, steam expands in the jacket to cook the food.
Temperature in the Cleveland KGT12T steam kettle is adjustable between 145 and 260 degrees Fahrenheit, and temperature variance is less than 1 degree Fahrenheit to provide precise simmering. Tilting when operators move the handle, this kettle can be effortlessly emptied into a pan below. To prevent accidental movement, the tilt mechanism self-locks, and the balanced design ensures smooth and precise tilting. As the unit is tilted, food flows out the pouring lip, which is large for efficient pouring.

Equipment Type: Cooking Equipment
Manufacturer: Cleveland
Model: KGT12T
Listing created Mar 3, 2020